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- Our range includes mobile and integrated payment terminals

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OnlinePOS do payment agreement with the vast majority of payment providers, and guarantees a competitive price

Integrated dankortterminal / Ingenico IPP 350

  • Quick and robust dankortterminal with integration to OnlinePOS cash register
  • When payment is made, the amount is transferred directly from the cash register to the dankortterminal
  • Support 24/7 / 365
  • Contactless payment
  • The dankortterminal is automatically balanced when the cash register terminal is reset

Mobile Dankortterminal / Ingenico IWL 250

  • Fast and robust GSM payment terminal
  • Accept payments anywhere via mobile network
  • Works independently of power and internet
  • Support 24/7 / 365
  • Contactless payment
  • Perfect solution where the customer does not necessarily pay at the checkout, such as outdoor dining in cafes, restaurants and in markets

Mobile dankortterminal / iSMP Companion

  • iSMP Companion is a small lightweight mobile dankortterminal with full integration to ERC
  • Dankortterminal for iPhone but can be integrated with Android, iOS or Windows Smartphone / tablet via bluetooth
  • Works with payment on tablet or iPad
  • Suitable for places with high capacity for quick payments and overview e.g. in restaurants with table booking and split bill which can easily be viewed through access to browser

Buy or rent a Dankort terminal at OnlinePOS. The price depends on needs, number, time, etc. We do everything to negotiate a good and competitive agreement to you.

MobilePay Point of Sale

OnlinePOS can be integrated with MobilePay Point of Sale. Customers can pay with Mobilepay via the integrated MobilePay box. The payment is made by the customer holding the mobile phone over the MobilePay box or scanning the QR code, after which the payment is approved in the MobilePay app. Our solution is certified by Danske Bank and fulfills their strict requirements for security. Read more about MobilePay Point of Sale at Danske Bank.

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    It is important to clarify what your need for a cash solution is. How much space do you have? Should it be stationary or a portable and flexible solution? What are your requirements functionality?

    At OnlinePOS we always recommend the customer to choose the right solution the first time. We would like to visit you to show how the system works and the potential use af the system. We can also advise on the purchase of hardware.

    It is possible to rent a cash register system or lease a system at OnlinePOS, but often the customer chooses to invest in the equipment.
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