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OnlinePOS cash register system for festival and event has been developed in collaboration with some of Denmark's largest festivals over several years

Real time overview

With OnlinePOS Backoffice, real-time data and statistics can be retrieved based on a wide range of parameters and criteria such as sales per. food stalls/area and give an overview on whats in stock on the festival site. In this way, the festival is always predictive and can allocate resources the right places.

Easy customization and setup options

In Backoffice it is possible to set up and maintain products and prices easily and quickly. Product setup and the assortment can therefore quickly be adapted to the individual bar / store and be controlled centrally.

Can be used without training

With a simple and intuitive user interface, it is easy for everyone to use the cash register system. With few products in a bar/food stall, volunteers can easily serve the guests and receive payment.


Cashcard expands the possibilities

The possibilities with cashcard are many and the setup is very flexible and can be made for groups of cards or on individual cards such as a personal guest card with discount or credit.

Focus on waste and resources

By issuing a card or wristband for the guests, money management disappears. This increases the payment speed and reduces differences as payment is made online or in payment stalls.

Business Intelligence

OnlinePOS has a variety of standard integrations for BI tools and OnlinePOS continually transmits data to keep you updated. Your favorite reports are always accessible whenever you need it.

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    The guest deserves the best service

    By running cashless, the waiting time for guests in the food stalls is minimized so that the most stressed periods run smoothly. Less waiting means happier guests.

    Stock management provides an overview

    OnlinePOS stock management is an effective and simple way to ensure continuous overview throughout the festival. Product orders to a main stock or a supplier can be made directly from the terminal and foodcost calculation can be set down in detail.

    Digital food and drink tickets for the volunteers

    Tired of physical food and drink tickets? These can be digitized and loaded onto a cashcard – whether you use the card to payment. You can continuously allocate a number of vouchers via Backoffice to the cashcard, and you do not have to be in possession of the physical card to do so!

    OnlinePOS BackOffice can easily be accessed through a browser, whether it is from your phone, tablet or computer.

    Keep track of all VIP guests

    Issue credit cards to your business partners and send them a total invoice for consumption after the event or festival. Business cards can be combined with discount agreements, credit max etc.

    365 days a year

    OnlinePOS has free support

    We are always ready to help whatever time of day. Support takes place per. phone or mail and is 100% free.

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    All reports in Backoffice can be downloaded in real-time?

    Then you always have an overview and can follow the sale per. stall, area, day or on the occasion of special guests or events.

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