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We cooperate with canteens and canteen companies to develop new and smart payment solutions for the industry

Statistics and overview in Backoffice

By default, Backoffice is associated with the OnlinePOS cash register system. From Backoffice, real-time data and statistics can be retrieved based on a wide range of parameters and criteria. It is possible, for example, to draw profit report, sales per. product, employees, reports on a specific day or over time no matter where you are.

Intuitive interface and easy customization

With a simple and intuitive interface, it is easy for new employees to use the cash register system and it is quick to set up and maintain an unlimited number of menus, products and prices in Backoffice.

Canteen card with online loading

In Back Office you can design lots of different cards. Canteen cards can be created and issued directly from the cash register, such as company cards. Cards can be loaded online or at the cash register, so parents, relatives and like can control consumption and check balance.

Fast invoicing of the customer

With OnlinePOS you can quickly issue a bill to the customer. It is possible to invoice the customer directly from the POS via email or EAN.

Corporate solution

With an OnlinePOS company solution, it is possible to draw reports across the company, as well as it is possible to manage products and prices based on a combined Backoffice with OnlinePOS HQ module.

Direct posting

With integration to the largest economy programs on the market, you can easily handle the daily accounting. It is possible to export sales directly to the economic system, making the work easier and smarter.

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    Make the order easy with a self-service solution

    At OnlinePOS, we work every day to make payment smarter and faster.

    With a self-service solution, customers can dispatch themselves via an app or directly at the terminal.

    Integrated weight minimize transaction time

    The OnlinePOS cash register system can run with integrated weight, so that food from the buffet can be weighted and paid immediately. The weight can also work with a self-service checkout solution, so the customer can quickly and easily dispatch himself and pay for the product.

    Prices on OnlinePOS cash register system

    At OnlinePOS we have a transparent pricing policy, which means that you never have any doubts about what you pay for. We have no hidden fees and low cost on our hardware. We do everything possible to keep our prices down so that they meet big as well as small customers. It is possible to rent a cash register system or lease a cash register system at OnlinePOS, but often the customer chooses to invest in the equipment. Contact us for a total price of the equipment you require.

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    Did you know that...

    All reports in Backoffice can be downloaded in real-time?

    Then you always have an overview of the sales per. guest, terminal, area each day, month, year, etc., and on special menus and events.


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    We have been using OnlinePOS cash-registers since August 2016. It is a big advantage, the overview that Backoffice brings as well as it is easy to use. Furthermore, does the integration to economic work really well.

    Brian Marko Falck Andreasen, bogholder DinnerdeLuxe

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