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OnlinePOS cash register system for restaurations has been developed in cooperation with restaurateurs from a wide range in the business

Statistics and overview in Backoffice

OnlinePOS Backoffice is connected to OnlinePOS cash register system. From backoffice, real-time data and statistics can be retrieved based on a wide range of parameters and criterias. For example, it is possible to withdraw profit report and sales pr. product, on specific day or time wherever you are.

Easy customization of goods and prices

In Backoffice, it is possible to set up and maintain an unlimited number of menus, products and prices easily and quickly. With time intervals, products and menus are visible for a specific period of time, and will automatically disappear again.

Flexible module for creating cards

In BackOffice you can design many types of cards, e.g gift-, loyalty-, employee-, customer- or value card, and it is possible to link various functions; access levels, discounts, benefits and credits to the cards.

Fast invocing of the customer

With OnlinePOS you can quickly issue a bill to the customer. It is possible to invoice the customer directly from the POS via email or EAN.

Corporate solution

With an OnlinePOS Corporate solution, it is possible to draw reports across the company. It is also possible to manage products and prices based on a combined Backoffice with OnlinePOS HQ module.

Direkte accounting

With integration to the largest economy programs on the market, you can easily handle the daily accounting. It is possible to export sales directly to the economic system, making the work easier and smarter.

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    OnlinePOS Take Away

    OnlinePOS take away allows customers to order take away directly from the restaurant’s website. The order is then automatically registered at the cash register terminal and is sent to the kitchen.

    The take-away module can be updated with time so the food stays fresh until the customer arrives or the product is brought to the them.

    With OnlinePOS Take Away, max orders can be set right down to individualproducts so that the kitchen can always keep up.


    We also make sure that the food is delivered to the customer. Contact us to hear more about which delivery companies we work with!

    OnlinePOS has free support

    We are always ready to help whatever time of day. Support takes place per. phone or mail and is 100% free.

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    Make ordering easier with a self-service solution

    At OnlinePOS, we work every day to make payment smarter and faster.

    With a self-service solution, customers can dispatch themselves via an app or directly at the terminal.

    Smart table ordering and payment

    With a tablet, handheld terminal or a iSMP terminal, the waiter can accept orders at the table. The order is sent quickly to the kitchen and bar and can be processed immediately. The waiter can also print and accept payment at the table, and easily split the bill down tosingle-seatings, and move seatings if guests change tables.

    Avoid sold out to the customer

    By registering the stock, it is always possible to keep track of stock status and inventory. By setting minimum stocks on individual products, the customer never asks in vain for something on the menu, as sales can be followed real-time under the individual products.

    Product transfers can be made in between restaurations, so the inventory value matches when status.

    Give the customer the best service

    By sending various messages to the kitchen, it is possible to save guests for unnecessary waiting time by timing when they are ready for the next dish.

    No more forgotten receipts

    With KDS screens for restaurants and cafes, orders are displayed on a screen in the kitchen. Orders are controlled on the screen via table number, and it is possible to place screens for individual functions such as packing process in the kithcen.


    Prices on OnlinePOS cash register system

    At OnlinePOS we have a transparent pricing policy, which means that you never have any doubts about what you pay for. We have no hidden fees and low cost on our hardware. We do everything possible to keep our prices down so that they meet big as well as small customers. It is possible to rent a cash register system or lease a cash register system at OnlinePOS, but often the customer chooses to invest in the equipment. Contact us for a total price of the equipment you require.

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    Did you know that...

    All reports in Backoffice can be downloaded in real-time

    Then you always have an overview of the sales per. guest, waiter, area each day, month, year, etc., and on special menus and events.


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    We would like to thank for a great cooperation and a wonderful service. You support is always at its best and they do follow up immediately. Which means a lot to us as Denmark’s leading Sushi-chain.

    Karam Ayad, Ejer af Sushimania

    We changed to OnlinePOS two years ago and have been happy with the switch. Especially in relation to establishment of products and buttons on your registers as well as it is easy as a waiter to use. Your support is nice and effective. We have been very happy with the inventory management and overall it has been easy to pull statistic and show numbers. We can recommend OnlinePOS to others in the business.

    Ann Qwist, Driftschef hos Cofoco

    We have been using OnlinePOS since summer 2015 and have been very satisfied with the service they have delivered. OnlinePOS has been good at making our wishes possible.

    Lars Vraa, Driftchef hos Riccos

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