About us

OnlinePOS was founded in 2008 with a vision to create a user-friendly POS system to a reasonable price.

The need for a manageable and intuitive system, which could be used without training, is the philosophy behind OnlinePOS.

Karsten Knudsen, SEO OnlinePOS

Visions for OnlinePOS

The restaurant industry and nightlife are characterized by high speed and continuous replacement. OnlinePOS has from the outset sought to address the needs of restaurants, bars and discos with a system that is accessible and manageable, and which can streamline workflows and procedures. In addition to an intuitive system that ensures a quick overview of the business, OnlinePOS has a vision of providing customers with service and support in a class of its own. The support is ready to help 24/7 all year round completely free of charge. At OnlinePOS, we want to make things easier and simpler for our customers. This also applies to our relationship with the customer.


Our agreement with customers fills three lines, while others often fill up four tightly written pages.

Karsten Knudsen, SEO, OnlinePOS

OnlinePOS is growing

OnlinePOS has, within a few years, grown very fast, and is now a larger company with its head office in Randers and offices in Copenhagen and Oslo, Norway. OnlinePOS growth continues in the Nordic region and Europe, and has visions of entering new markets in the near future.

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OnlinePOS – Head quarter 

Alsikevej 31
DK-8920 Randers NV

OnlinePOS – Sales and Service Department Sealand

Vesterbrogade 14A, 2. th.
DK-1620 København V

OnlinePOS Norway

Sales Department
Pankoveien 24
1624 Oslo

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