OnlinePOS Kitchen Screens

OnlinePOS - Kitchen Screen developed for restaurants and cafes

Overview on all orders
All orders comes directly on the kitchen screen in the kitchen, so you never lose track of it.

Coordination of work in the different stations
Optimize your workstation with kitchen screens and delegate tasks most effectively.

No more kitchen notes 
With a kitchen screen from OnlinePOS, you can repleace your conventional kitchen printers, and instead have a kitchen screen to keep track on all orders.

Quick customization
You can quickly and easily customize your kitchen screens according to your needs, from serving groups to time outside the individual orders.

Order prioritization
You can prioritize your orders for the kitchen and mark them as rush. When an order is in rush, it is marked with red on the kitchen screen so that the kitchen knows that it must be prioritized.

Satisfied customers
The customer experiences a quick and efficient expedition, even during rush hour, as the kitchen constantly controls all orders in the restaurant

Optimise your operations with a kitchen screen

Optimize your restaurant, cafe or bar with a OnlinePOS kitchen screen. Help your staff get an overview of all orders for the kitchen and all active orders on the tables in the restaurant. The kitchen screen can switch between different modes per. individual tables, such as starter, main course and dessert. In addition, an order can be marked as a rush so that the kitchen can see the order being prioritized and the waiter can provide the optimum service to the customer.


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The support are always ready to help you with the set up on the kitchen screens.

The support is included in the monthly subscription fee on OnlinePOS, and is completely free of charge no matter how many times you need help!

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