OnlinePOS is actively involved in preventing food waste

OnlinePOS has chosen to join the REGA collaboration. REGA is an industry initiative launched by DRC (Danish Restaurants and Cafes). REGA builds on a fundamental work with social responsibility in the operation of the individual restaurateurs, and a collaboration between restaurateurs and suppliers, who all want to lift the quality of work with social responsibility.In the REGA, DRC works purposefully to promote and systematise the work on sustainability in the restaurant industry.

Like REGA, OnlinePOS believes that by raising our social responsibility, we can focus more on food waste and give our customers some technical tools to work purposefully with food waste. The REGA is working on the UN’s and OECD’s minimum standards for responsible business behavior (UN Guidelines on Human Rights and Business and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises).This means that members of REGA work together and focus on improving social, environmental and climate factors as well as the economic bottom line.

The project can be followed on this page, which will be updated regularly. There will also be updated on the social media.

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