OnlinePOS and POWER BI (Business Intelligence)

- Get a solid data base so you have the decision making basis to develop your business

  • Make sales comparison easy


  • Allows dataexport to CSV or Excel
  • Accurate information based on POS activity
  • OnlinePOS Cockpit is updated at least 8 times per day
  • Instantly generate user generated dashboards
  • Grows with the business for different needs

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    OnlinePOS and POWER BI

    Power BI for OnlinePOS serves as a starting point for in-depth analysis of your company’s performance with a solid data base to make strategic decisions.

    Strategic considerations such as:

    • Product, concept and employee development
    • Optimization of purchasing and inventory management
    • Marketing and consumer experiences based on consumer behavior and what they demand

    By gathering and creating an overview of all your data, you can easily and quickly read your strategic efforts and ensure continued growth.

    Get new insights into your business


    • KPI for turnover, receiptsize, numer of orders pr day, last 7 days, and last 4 weeks.
    • Top 10 product sales today
    • Goal fulfillment against forecast for the past 4 weeks


    • Analyze your revenue, receipt size and order numbers per product / product group, calculated per hour
    • Trends per 12 months

    Per Company

    • Compare turnover, contribution margin and coverage rates, receipt size, Paxsize, revenue YTD and revenue against last year for several companies

    Per Seller

    • Follow developments in your employees performance.

    Per Table

    • Analyze revenue per table

    Per Receipts

    • Overview of sales on all receipts

    Detailed knowledge and datadriven decisions

    Use the built in tools and graphs to analyze sales and see the value of executed campaigns to launch new ones. Decide on accurate knowledge of sales, revenue and earnings.

    Analyze Performance

    View sales statistics – hour by hour – in the individual business or across businesses with automatically generated graphs. You can see changes over time or specific period compared to corresponding period.

    Employee performance and employee development

    Analyze how your employees perform, monitor their development and where efforts can be made to ensure that you and your employees reach goals together.

    Knowledge sharing 

    Upload graphs and charts to dashboards or let individual managers use the APP with key data so they can constantly follow a campaign and track the performance of the business and employees.

    Cross data provides unique insight

    With POWER BI you can see which products sells best, where and by whom. You can create many types of cross data and you always have an overview of each other’s earnings and costs.

    The POWER BI platform is flexible and grows with you

    We help to find, collect and present data from many different data sources. We can help create a consistent form in your data in an automated and structured way, giving you deep business insight.

    The huge raw data sets are valuable only if they are organized and presented, so they create a basis for analysis!

    Dynamic sales data and user interface

    • Overview with  visual presentations of your data, that is easy to understand
    • User friendly and easily navigable interface
    • Possibility for personal setup so that you can select the data that is relevant to you.
    • Available on all devices and platforms. Get the “Power BI” app for iOS or Android

    Price configurator for using POWER BI for OnlinePOS

    * First user is included in the first account. Other users cost DKK 99 per day. per user month.


    Unstructured data?
    Contact us for a talk on how we can optimize your data flow and structure.

      I agree that collects my name, mail, phone and company through this form

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