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ePOS system for canteens and catering

OnlinePOS ePOS system for canteens and caterers has been developed with a special focus on increasing the handling speed, so guests or employees spend an absolute minimum of time queuing.

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Digitale POS-løsninger, der forbinder hele din forretning
Reference - Cock&Cows bruger OnlinePOS
Reference - Sushimania bruger OnlinePOS
Reference - Spiselauget bruger OnlinePOS
Reference - Mikkeller bruger OnlinePOS

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with the ePOS system of the future?

You can offer lightning fast service

With our solution, you are ensured lightning fast and smooth handling and billing of the guest.

You get more payment options

You can pay with credit cards, staff cards and MobilePay, among other things.

Self-service is available

We offer several self-service solutions so that customers can quickly service themselves.

Popular solutions tailored for canteens and catering

Use self-service cash registers

and automate operations

Our cash register system can be set up as a self-service system. With our intuitive interface and the possibility of connecting canteen cards, the guest can easily handle them themselves.


Read more about our kiosk solution here

Use canteen cards and increase handling speed

Canteen cards can be created and issued directly from the checkout, such as company cards that act as payment cards. Handling has never been easier!

Use our QR solution and make ordering and payment easy

With the use of our QR solution, the guest makes his or her own ordering and payment via your digital menu, which the guest accesses by scanning the QR code.


Read more about our QR solution here

Integrate a weight and ease the handling further

With an integrated weight, food from the buffet can be weighed and paid for immediately. The scale can also be integrated with a self-service cash register so the customer can easily handle himself.

A wide range of the restaurant industry already uses OnlinePOS today!

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OnlinePOS can be integrated with MobilePay Point of Sale

The payment is made by the customer holding the mobile over the MobilePay box or scanning the QR code, after which the payment is approved in the MobilePay app.

Valuable features,

which improves the workflow

Quick billing of the customer

You can quickly issue a bill and invoice the customer directly from the checkout, via email or EAN.

MobilePay integration

Our system integrates with MobilePay, so you can easily accept payment.

Real-time statistics for overview

For example, easily generate heatmap over the busiest times of the day and always be well prepared.

Popular integrations

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