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Handheld terminals

We offer several different handheld terminals, all of which contribute to an optimized workflow in the restaurant – among other things by being able to take orders directly at the guest’s table.

Optimize workflowfor the benefit of guests and employees

Eliminates duplication of work

You do not have to take orders by hand and then turn them into the cash register.

Minimizes typing errors

The risk of input errors is minimized by halving the number of entries.

Faster processing

The order is automatically sent to the cash register and on to the kitchen and bar immediately.

iPod Touch

Handheld terminal that can receive orders directly at the guest's table

Ideal for minimizing duplication and typing errors

With this solution, the orders received are ready for preparation immediately.

PAX A920

Handheld terminal and payment terminal in a single unit

Ideal for handling outdoor seating

With this solution, you ensure an optimal ordering and payment process

The order is sent directly to the kitchen and bar

Once the waiter has accepted the order at the guest’s table, the order is automatically sent to the cash register. After that, the food order is automatically forwarded to the kitchen and the beverage order to the bar, and is therefore immediately ready for processing. Complement with kitchen screens for added efficiency.

Other products

ePOS Terminal 12″


Ingenico iPP350

Receipt printer

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