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Digital checkout system for bakers and pastry chefs

OnlinePOS checkout system for bakers and pastry chefs is designed to meet the unique needs of the industry. With customer-facing display, the customer can easily be shown information about allergens and various offers.

Digitale POS-løsninger, der forbinder hele din forretning
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Reference - Sushimania bruger OnlinePOS
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Are you ready to increase your sales with the ePOS system of the future?

You get faster turnaround time

The customer gets a quick overview of allergens and ingredients.

Customer is exposed to offers

On the customer-facing display you can show the morning’s or day’s offer.

You can see the impact of campaigns

In Backoffice, you can easily monitor and adjust different campaigns.

Popular solutions for bakers and pastry chefs

Use customer-facing display and take advantage of the possibilities

Here the customer can quickly see an overview of ingredients and allergens in the product the customer wants. Here the customer can quickly see an overview of ingredients and allergens in the product the customer wants. The screen can also be split so that the other half displays different offers.

Use campaign management and measure the impact of campaigns

With our campaign management, you can easily set up, manage and measure the impact of the campaigns launched, such as morning offers or Wednesday snails.

Use our credit function and easily handle regular customers

With our credit function, you can quickly serve your regulars and send them a single bill at the end of the month.


Use our HQ module and adjust prices from one place

With our HQ module connected, you can change products, prices and offers from one place and sync out to all stores at once. Can also be used to benchmark the business.


Read more about our HQ solution here

A wide range of the restaurant industry already uses OnlinePOS today!

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Running multiple businesses from one unified Backoffice

With our HQ module, you get a full performance overview of all your business. At the same time, you can easily adjust products, prices and offers from one place and with a single click roll out the changes to all the stores.

Valuable features,

that makes it easy to run a bakery shop

Automatic price change

If you run offers, the system can automatically switch between different prices by time f day or day of the week.

Transfer to company accounts

Automatic transfer to your accounting system saves you many posting hours.

Real-time sales overview

In our Backoffice, you have quick access to real-time reports, so you can track sales wherever you are.

Popular integrations

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