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Digital POS solutions for fast service restaurants

Our POS solutions for fixed service restaurants have been developed to meet the industry’s special needs for fast service, self-service solution and take away.

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Digitale POS-løsninger, der forbinder hele din forretning
Reference - Cock&Cows bruger OnlinePOS
Reference - Sushimania bruger OnlinePOS
Reference - Spiselauget bruger OnlinePOS
Reference - Mikkeller bruger OnlinePOS

Are you ready for the cash register system of the future that meets your needs?

Lightning fast expedition

With our solution, you are ensured lightning fast and smooth handling and billing of the guest.

Flexibility for the guest

Our system can easily handle opt-in and opt-out, so the guest can customize their order as desired.

Easy overview of all orders

Sinc all takeaway orders come directly into the cash register, you will never lose track of them.

Popular solutions tailored for fast service restaurants

Use our Kiosk solution and let the guests order themselves

Our Kiosk self-service terminal allows the guest to easily make selections and de-selections in the offered products and at the same time facilitates the ordering process for the employees.


Read more about our kiosk here

Use our QR solution for easy ordering and payment

With the use of our QR solution, the guest makes his or her own ordering and payment via your digital menu, which the guest accesses by scanning the QR code of the table.


Read more about our QR solution here

Showcase - Takeaway - Mahalo

Get your own take-away page and get rid of commission

No more paying high fees per order. Create your own take-away page with us and only pay a fixed, low and monthly amount. We help with setup!


Read more about our take-away solution here

Use guest calls and let the guest pick up the order

With our discreet guest calls or number screens, the guest is automatically notified when the order is ready, and the guest can pick it up himself.


Read more about our calling systems here

A wide range of the restaurant industry already uses OnlinePOS today!

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    You are now running with your new cash register system!

Running multiple businesses from one unified Backoffice

With our HQ module, you get a full performance overview of all your business. At the same time, you can easily adjust products, prices and offers from one place and with a single click roll out the changes to all the stores.

Valuable features,

that improves fast service business.

Automatic inventory management

Here it is always possible to keep track of inventory. Set up minimum inventory and never run out.

Automatic price change

f you for example offer lunch deals, the system can automatically switch between different prices by time of day.

Campaign measurement

If you run with the burger of the month or pizza of the week, the effect of different campaigns can easily be measured.

Combine our solutions and get a complete self-service restaurant

If you supplement our checkout system with self-service solutions for ordering, payment and serving, as well as a guest call system, you can operate your regular service restaurant completely without waiters.

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