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ePOS system for festivals and events

OnlinePOS ePOS solutions for festivals and events can handle even the most complicated setups. For several years we have successfully delivered checkout and payment solutions to Denmark’s largest festivals.

Digitale POS-løsninger, der forbinder hele din forretning

Are you ready to have trouble-free operation
with the ePOS system of the future?

We are on-site with you

To ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible, we have several skilled employees on-site.

You need minimal training

Our system is intuitive and user-friendly, and new employees can be trained quickly.

You get robust systems

Our checkout and payment systems have the toughness that a festival or major event requires.

Popular solutions for festivals and events

Make your system more robust and increase reliability

The cash registers can be fitted with an additional bracket for further robustness. Also, put your payment terminals on space poles and protect them against liquid waste.

Use our QR solution and make ordering and payment easy

With the use of our QR solution, the guest makes the order and payment via your digital menu card, which the guest accesses by scanning a QR code.


Read more about our QR solution here

Make the festival cashless and increase the payment speed

By issuing cards or wristbands to guests, cash handling disappears in whole or in part. By issuing cards or wristbands to guests, cash handling disappears in whole or in part.

Get a full real-time overview and always stay ahead

You can retrieve real-time data and statistics on parameters such as sales figures per stall, area and inventory on site. That way, you are at the forefront, and can allocate resources to the right places.

Running multiple stalls from one unified Backoffice

With our HQ module, you get a full performance overview of all the festival’s stalls. At the same time, you can easily adjust products, prices and offers from one place and with a single click roll out the changes to all the stores.

Valuable features,

which provides happy and loyal festival-goers

Run cash-free payment

By running cashlessly, the turnaround time in the various stalls is significantly minimized.

Keep track of VIP guests

Issue cashcards to your partners and send them a single invoice for consumption after settlement.

Use automatic inventory management

With our automatic inventory management function, you always have an overview and avoid being sold out.

On-Site support til Festivaler og Events

We are on-site with you throughout the festival

To ensure that the festival runs as smoothly as possible, we have several of our talented people on-site throughout the festival, so there is always quick help to pick up if something teases.

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