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ePOS System

ePOS system for the restaurant industry

Our ePOS system are developed in close collaboration with restaurateurs from a wide range of the industry, and we, therefore, know your needs.

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Fremtidens kassesystem udviklet specielt til restaurationsbranchen
Reference - Cock&Cows bruger OnlinePOS
Reference - Sushimania bruger OnlinePOS
Reference - Spiselauget bruger OnlinePOS
Reference - Mikkeller bruger OnlinePOS

Are you ready to improve your business
with the ePOS system of the future?

Get high reliability

Our checkout terminals are robust, extremely reliable and can run offline when the internet connection is down.

Get more time for core tasks

The systems automate manual processes and significantly minimize duplication of work.

Increase your earning power

With our cash register system, you can take advantage of our various functions and optimize the top and bottom lines.

Our cash register systems aretailored to the restaurant industry

Stationary ePOS solution

Our desktop checkout system is available with several different screen sizes. Some have the receipt printer integrated into the socket, others have not. Whatever your needs, we have the solution.

Mobile ePOS solution

As an alternative to the traditional stationary checkout system, we offer our mobile ePOS solution. The mobile checkout terminal has both handheld terminal, payment terminal and cash register in one unit.

Easy ordering and payment by connecting our QR self-service system

With the use of our QR solution, the guest makes his or her own ordering and payment via your digital menu, which the guest accesses by scanning the QR code of the table.

How we contribute to an improved operation of your restaurant

Automatic inventory management

Here it is always possible to keep track of inventory. Set up minimum inventory and never run out.

Graphic table plan

Provides a complete overview of open and closed tables. Easily set up your table setup in Backoffice.

Campaign management

You can easily set up, control and measure the impact of promotions such as burger of the month.

Split bill

Accept payment directly at the guests' table and easily split the bill.

Pop-up messages

The pop-up windows ensure quick access to adding the guest's preference to the order.

Direct Posting

Integration with your favorite accounting system automatically transfers your revenue

Running multiple businesses from one unified Backoffice

With our HQ module, you get a full performance overview of all your business. At the same time, you can easily adjust products, prices and offers from one place and with a single click roll out the changes to all the stores.

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