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Digital Gift Card

Give yourself the option to issue and receive digital gift cards. With our gift card module integrated in the checkout system, you get a fully integrated solution where you can sell gift cards from your take-away site.

Digitalt Gavekort med OnlinePOS
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The gift card module is designed for

the entire restaurant segment;

Sell online and redeem easily

You can sell the digital gift cards from your takeaway page and easily redeem them at the cash register.

Design your own page

You can design your own gift card page with colors, logo and pictures.

Issue as needed

You won’t risk to be overstocked with physical gift cards, and can now issue them as needed.

It’s that easyto get started!

  • 1

    Contact us and let's talk about your needs.

  • 2

    You are sending the material we need.

  • 3

    We set up the site and acquire online redemption.

  • 4

    Together, we review the page and make sure you're satisfied.

  • 5

    You are now ready to sell digital gift cards!

How much are digital gift cards?

It costs you nothing to start selling digital gift cards, and we help with setting up and acquiring an online redemption agreement free of charge. The only thing you pay is a small and transparent fee per. sold gift cards – and the fee is lower than when selling physical gift cards.

Popular integrations

Get a demo of our gift card module

Get a non-binding and personal review of our gift card module.