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Calling systems for the catering industry

We offer calling systems that are all integrated with our ePOS system. Experience painless communication between either kitchen and guest or kitchen and waiter with the best calling systems on the market from Discover Systems.

Optimize communication for the benefit of guests and employees

You get easy communication

The calling systems can easily and discreetly communicate between staff or kitchen and guest.

You can apply as needed

The systems can be a permanent part of the operation or used as needed – e.g. in case of shortage of waiters.

You get robust and discreet systems

The systems are robust, reliable and discreet, so you get a painless communication.

Guest calling system – Silent Ordering System

There is no doubt what the beep means – beeps and winks are understood by everyone

Ideal solution in case of general or acute shortage of waiters

No long queues - less stress for guests and better opportunity for additional sales

Waiter calling system

Avoid bottlenecks and get food out of the kitchen faster

The kitchen staff and waiters are always in close contact

Ensures a more streamlined serving and working flow

Guest calling system

Silent Ordering System is a discreet guest call that makes it possible to communicate with guests in an efficient and comfortable way. Once guests have ordered and paid for their food, they are equipped with an electronic chip. They bring the chip to their table. When the food is finished, an electronic signal is sent to the chip, which discreetly beeps and flashes, and now the guest knows that the food is ready and can be picked up.

Waiter calling system

With a waiter calling system, you ensure a more streamlined serving and working flow in your restaurant. A waiter calling system gives waiters time to focus on guests and increase their focus on additional sales. The restaurant manager, waiters and kitchen staff can be called if there are questions or problems in the kitchen that require immediate attention. At the same time, the waiter is immediately notified when orders are ready. This means optimizing food quality, guest service and staff efficiency.

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