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About the Integration Partner

MyLoyal was launched in 2016. We are focused on creating effective, omni-channel loyalty and rewards programmes. Using our international knowledge to develop customised apps for retail and restaurants to manage rewards, communication and customer insights through advanced SaaS software solutions.

Our loyalty and rewards program includes native customised loyalty apps for iOS and Android, a Loyalty management engine and an Advanced analytics module. Native loyalty apps are customised to fit each individual customer brand.

Applying best in class software, our loyalty and rewards program supports all kinds of rewards through our app: points, digital stamps, subscription or cash-back based modules, etc.

Loyalty management engine with advanced administration panel allows to personalise and schedule direct customer communication and even publish personalised offers and news directly into the app. Advanced Analytics solution allows to collect valuable insights about your customers like never before.

This drives business growth with data, insights and analytics and allows to foresee customer behaviours and provide them with rewards that will keep them coming back. The MyLoyal solution integrates seamlessly with your OnlinePOS system and e-commerce platform

Automatically transfer transactions

Provides a 360 degree customer insight review - working with the live data allows MyLoyal to calculate the numbers in real time, providing the insight needed to understand your customers behaviour better than ever before.

Full discount redemption integration

Reward points in real-time - Improve customer experience with frictionless loyalty-earning. MyLoyal's solution is easily integrated, seeing no added barriers to buyer purchasing behaviour or employee set up on the POS system.

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