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ePOS System

Basic solution

Our basic solution is for you who wants a cash register system with low upfront costs at a fixed, low and monthly price and who at the same time only need our most basic functions.

Fremtidens kassesystem udviklet specielt til restaurationsbranchen
Reference - Cock&Cows bruger OnlinePOS
Reference - Sushimania bruger OnlinePOS
Reference - Spiselauget bruger OnlinePOS
Reference - Mikkeller bruger OnlinePOS

Our basic solution is designed to benefit smaller restaurants.

Everything you need

The solution contains exactly what it takes to run smaller restaurants.

Low upfront costs

You can get started for only DKK 995 in start-up costs incl. rental of hardware.

Low transaction fees

We have low redemption rates, so you keep as much of the revenue as possible yourself.

Our basic solution is available as a stationary or mobile checkout system

Stationary ePOS solution

The basic solution includes the following:
– 9.7″ touch terminal
– Bonprinter
– Cash drawer
– Integrated payment terminal
– Net Cable
– TID Nets Redemption Number

For only DKK 799 / month.

Mobile ePOS solution

The basic solution includes the following:
– Mobile touch terminal
– Integrated handheld terminal
– Integrated receipt printer
– Terminal charging station
– TIME Nets Redemption Number

For only DKK 699 / month.

The fine print

Both of our basic solutions include hardware rental, POS subscription, integration with e-conomic accounting program, payment terminal operation costs and free support 24/7 all days of the week – also on weekends and public holidays. Upgrade to OnlinePOS Premium for DKK 300 extra per month and benefit from all our optimizing functions and integrations. The binding period is 12 months.

With us, you avoid excessive transaction costs

We have some of the market’s sharpest redemption prices, and we don’t add extras just because we can – not even with our basic solution. Therefore, you are always guaranteed that you do not pay unnecessarily high transaction fees, even though our basic solution is cheap to start up and operate.

Add our takeaway module and get your own take away page

For only DKK 249 / month. you can have your own take-away page – and we do not take commission on your orders, so you keep as much of the turnover as possible for yourself! Customize the page with i.a. colors and logo for your own unique expression.

Showcase - Takeaway - Mahalo

Free integration with e-conomic

We offer you a free integration with e-conomic accounting system (normal price DKK 995). Here, your sales data is automatically transferred to your accounting program, so you can save many manual working hours and instead focus on giving your guests a good experience.

Get a demo of our basic solution

Get a non-binding and personalized review of our basic solution.