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How the POS-terminal can help you get happy customers

How the POS-terminal can help you get happy customers

A POS-terminal isn’t just a necessity, but could also be an aid in the effort of getting a healthy business with happy and satisfied customers.

There are several ways in where your POS-terminal can help you to increase the level of service. Let ud introduce you to the initiatives, that we know, gives value to your customers.

Card, cash or MobilePay?

Many payment options is good service . With a good POS-terminal your customers can pay in many different ways. We recommend that your POS-terminal, as a minimum, can handle these following ways of payment:

  • Card payment – ideally with the ability to accept different card types, but in particular Visa.
  • Payment with cash – it’s still a legal requirement.
  • Payment with MobilePay – more and more are using this option.
  • Contactless payment with the mobile phone – e.g. Apple Pay
  • Self-service via QR code and digital menu – payment without the need for a waiter

If you offer the above-mentioned ways of payment it’s almost guaranteed that your customers can pay the way they prefer. Don’t let the customers be limited to one or two ways of payment. Flexibility is important.

As a restaurateur your probably already know about the four former ways of payments, but something new the customers are asking for is self-serving solutions – both when ordering and paying.

As a restaurateur, you can accommodate this with advantage. Depending on what kind of restaurant you run, there are multiple different options for self-serving solutions. We experienced that especially self-serving through a QR-code and a digital menu is rising in popularity, and it’s a solution that’s usable no matter the size and type of restaurant. With this solution your customers can serve themselves – typically by using the digital menu – almost in the same way as if they had to order take-away.

This solution alleviates, among other things, that guests try in vain to get in touch with a busy waiter when payment is due. At the same time, the solution ensures that the waiter does not make mistakes in the order – and this gives your waiters more time to provide your guests with good service.

A handheld payment terminal provides effective service

At some restaurants and cafes the customer has to walk to the counter to pay their bill. That’s not ideal if you want to provide a sharp service for your customers.

In the bar, the customer risks standing in line and confusion of what the customer bought can appear, because it’s not necessarily the same waiter making the order as the waiter who took it at the table. That could make it a less good experience for the customer.

To avoid this you can, as earlier mentioned, use self-service with QR-codes, men you could also, with advantage, use a handheld payment terminal. With the handheld payment terminal the waiter has the opportunity to take payment right at the customers table. This means that the customer no longer risks to stand in line at the counter, and the waiter is well prepared, when they go to the table for payment.

A POS-terminal with automatic inventory gives you an overview

“That’s unfortunately sold out”.

It’s a pity to have something on the menu which isn’t available to the customer, because you don’t have it in stock.

Of course a product can be sold our, but If your POS-terminal has automatic inventory, you will, at any time, have an overview of your stock, , and that will give you a better opportunity to have the products you use in stock all the time. As a bonus you can make have a minimum on all of your different products in your inventory, then you’ll automatically get a note when it’s time to order the specific product again.

In this way you’ll avoid the situation where the customer asks for something on the menu in vain, and then gets a bad experience, but instead you make sure that the customer always gets what they want.

An effective POS-terminal frees up more time to serve your customers

To give a good service is – along with the quality of the food and the location of the restaurant – essential, if you want your customers to return. That’s why it’s important, that your employees cherishes your customers and has the time it takes to provide a good service.

It can mostly be solved with extra staff, but that is an expensive and shortsighted solution. Instead you should focus on how your employees work-flows can be improved. You can identify the relevant areas, but a good POS-terminal, with it’s equipment and integrations, can contribute

A good POS-terminal can, among other things, improve your employees work-flows by:

  • Minimizing administrative tasks – e.g. by automatically book keeping, automatic inventory and roster planning
  • By eliminating entering data twice – orders received through the handheld terminal is automatically sent to the POS-terminal The same thing with take away orders from e.g. Wolt or your own take away platform.
  • By minimizing the time spend of administrating the tables and bookings – the waiters now only have to work in one system instead of two.

This provides time saved that can be used on giving your customers the best possible experience instead, when they visit your restaurant.

A good POS-terminal also has the opportunity to integrate with other external systems such as table booking systems, roster planning system and digital loyalty platforms. If your POS-provider offers integrations to these, the use of the systems can give your customers an even better experience when they visit you – even before they put their food through the door.

5 reasons to why a good POS-terminal helps you to get happy customers.

  1. You can handle several different payment methods, so your customer always can use the one they prefer.
  2. You have the opportunity to add a hand held payment terminal, which makes sure, the guest doesn’t have to wait in line at the counter to pay and thus making the payment process run smoothly.
  3. You can always stay updated on your inventory, so you’ll avoid running out of food and drinks.
  4. You minimize administrative work and optimize work flows, so it gives more time to provide a good service.
  5. You have the opportunity to integrate external systems, which makes the experience for the guest even better and increases loyalty, suck as the loyalty platform MyLoyal.